Bully Pulpit released their fourth album, “Natural Flavors” on June 23, 2023. The band of Chicago natives is currently comprised of Matt Hohmann (guitar) Tom Banks (vox, guitar), Jim Valentin (bass, synthesizer), and Jim MacGregor (drums, guitar, keyboard). “Natural Flavors” includes tracks written and recorded with previous member of the Pulpit, Liz Bustamante (drums, percussion).

The album’s opening track, “The Art of Disappearing” was adapted from the Naomi Shihab Nye poem of the same title. Nye graciously granted use of the lyrics when she heard the song.

Matt Engstrom and Soren Pedersen recorded the album over a series of sessions while Engstrom manned the dials for the final mixes and mastering.

As is the case for the last three Pulpit albums, Lotuspool mainstay artist/designer Michael Legleiter created the album’s artwork with photography submitted by the band and clever use of AI.

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