Poster Children was formed in Champaign, Illinois in 1987 by Rick Valentin (guitar, vocals) and Rose Marshack (bass, vocals). Jim Valentin joined on guitar in 1991 and Matt Friscia (drummer #7) joined in 2001.

They have released twelve studio albums, on various independent and major labels, and one feature-length film, "Zero Stars."

Known for their strong DIY ethic, the band members toured incessantly in the 1990s, driving their own van around the US and Europe, creating their own artwork and T-shirt designs, and operating their own record label. Poster Children were also pioneers in several forms of electronic technology relating to performance art, including enhanced CDs, webcasts, and blogs.

In 2023, the band re-released their first album, Flower Plower, in a deluxe double-vinyl set on Lotuspool Records and University of Illinois Press published Rose's book, Play Like a Man, recounting her time in the band and indie rock scene of the 80s and 90s.

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