June Henry identified as August Henry when they wrote, recorded, and released the obsessive ode to relationship torment, "South Ramp". June's music continues to mature and flourish through independent, cyber distribution/connection, but this seminal album is a tremendous launching point for June's musical milieu.

Henry officially began music endeavors at the age of nine, recording demos of original piano compositions in GarageBand. The summer of 2015, August attended Girls Rock! Lawrence, a camp in Lawrence, Kansas geared towards empowering girls and gender-nonconforming youth through music, art, and a strong community. Henry attended Girls Rock! for four years total, across the span of which they experimented with bass and drums, and became more confident with vocal performance.

Officially coming out as transgender in 2016 at the age of twelve, Henry began a solo project that explored how his queerness shaped their experiences. Early original songs such as "Cure All", a vulnerable expression of his struggles with gender dysphoria and mental illness, garnered a lot of positive responses from family and friends, and reasonably, a few meetings with his middle school counselor. Deciding to take a break from writing solely on the ukulele as he had throughout middle school, Henry taught themselves guitar the summer before freshman year. A year later at age fifteen, Henry recorded South Ramp in their bedroom.

South Ramp is a riveting project implementing cello, guitar, keyboard, and vocals all performed by Henry. The seven tracks explore his freshman year of high school, focusing mainly on the complexity of queer relationships, mental illness, and gender dysphoria.

June (August) Henry: South Ramp